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High School Drop outs: “One Is Too Many”





This project tackles the problem of early school leaving in order to reduce the dropout rates at schools.  We mostly target students with fewer opportunities in order to provide them the missing opportunities. Partners exchange information, share and analyze best-practice models; compare them and adapt practices to each partner’s own activities and environment . Participating students should feel comfortable and supported. They should understand the ownership of their own learning and be engaged in the life of their school community.

Age range of the pupils  14-20

Subjects: Art, Citizenship, Foreign Languages, Informatics / ICT, Language and Literature, Mathematics / Geometry, Physical Education

AIM: Our general aim is to prevent dropouts and create supportive school environment

The project will last 3 years. We are 10 countries and will share the responsibilities: the Turkish school will be in charge of the website, the Italian, Bulgarian and Latvian schools will be responsible for the TwinSpace. Italy, Portugal and Cyprus will host students’ meetings (one every year). Greece and Lithuania will be in charge of presenting good practices for students and the other countries will implement them.  Portuguese, Greek, Norwegian and UK schools will design surveys to identify ‘high-risk’ students and measure their progress during the project activities.

There will be an Erasmus + Club in each school. Students will communicate in English in Facebook, in which parents may join. Teachers will have another Facebook group. We will send e-mails and use What’s up Application, too.


YEAR 1 – 1. Logo, poster, motto and films on school dropout. 2. Career seminars and meetings with professionals, counselors, graduate students, and visits to further education institutions of the area.

YEAR 2 - Seminars and meetings with students, teachers, parents led by experts, counselors and teachers. Implementing effective study methods. Practical afterschool activities with students to create positive and cooperative learning environment. Students’ Parliaments at local levels.

YEAR 3 – Sport Activities. Photo Competition. Dissemination.

Expected results

Public Twin space

eBook with good practices for preventing dropouts

Website with materials

Short films and posters on prevention of school leaving

LINKS to the project fb groups:

 One is too many….

This group has been created to gather the Erasmus+ Strategic School Partnership Project:'High School Drop Outs:One is Too Many''s partner school students and school staffs from different countries in a platform to share their ideas

One is too many...for Fermilecce

This group has been created to gather the Erasmus+ Strategic School Partnership Project:'High School Drop Outs:One is Too Many''s our school students and school staffs in a platform to inform, exchange ideas, plan activities, etc….